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admin November 13th, 2022
The Laterals

Ella Balinska on transformation, and the importance of sharing untold narratives

Ella Balinska was the perfect addition to the third generation of Angels — her breakout role you might know her from. The British actress of the most distinguished sense, graduated from the Guildford School of Acting and immersed herself effortlessly into Hollywood. For clarification, she has never been interested in playing its ingenue. Balinska is an exhilarating mix of beauty, mystery, and novel fearlessness. Her triumphant female-powered moments in television and cinema are rare — and completely owned. Her capacity as an actor champions the messy, complicated, and profoundly compelling character — and we know she can deliver important narratives to any screen.

Balinska’s accolades include Junction 9, The Athena, and the Resident Evil series — but her vitae will be expanding with her forthcoming Run Sweetheart Run. Not only is she delivering important narratives to the screen but also to social awareness in her own approach. As with all of us, she’s experienced an awakening since the days of the pandemic to experience an inner transformation. “I still feel like Ella Ballinska, but I feel like a more anchored version.” Like many of us, she believes we cannot tell diverse, universal stories that connect us without women and people of color. A mix of “British, Polish, and Caribbean,” her perspective is fascinating. As a Cartier Ambassador, she brings the classic maison a fresh outlook that’s peerless.

A notably interesting detail is that Balinska attended the Academy of Performance Combat — acquiring training in 12 weapons, including gladius, knife, sword, axel shield, and fists. Perhaps that’s why she kicks so much ass.

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Current Projects
Forspoken (Video Game)
A young woman named Frey Holland awakens in the land of Athia and must embark on an adventure and endure treacherous trials to uncover the mystery the land hides.

The Occupant
When Abby, a guilt-ridden engineering geologist in transit to her remote Russian assignment survives a mysterious helicopter crash, she must try to escape the harsh environment. But she is not alone.