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admin January 28th, 2023
New candids and event photos

I added 3 new albums to the gallery, 2 of Ella at Sundance 2023 and 1 album of her out and about in Miami yesterday. Click on the gallery links below to see all new photos.

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admin January 14th, 2023
Maison Valentino The Essentials at Maxfield

Ella attended a Golden Globes Party on 10 January and Maison Valentino The Essentials at Maxfield on 12 January. Click on the gallery link below to see all new photos.

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admin December 22nd, 2022
Blanc Magazine

I added a new photoshoot to the gallery taken by Teneshia Carr for Blanc Magazine. Click on the gallery link below to see all new photos.

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admin December 7th, 2022
WhoWhatWear & Vestal Mag

Ella Balinska Is Bloody Good in Run Sweetheart Run

Ella Balinska is a sight to behold. Readers may recognize the statuesque British-born 26-year-old from her previous work in movies such as Charlie’s Angels and Netflix’s Resident Evil series, or perhaps it was a chance encounter in London or Los Angeles, where her 5’11” frame, feline-like eyes, and coy, gap-toothed smile surely warranted a second glance. But it is truly impossible to look away from Balinska during her star turn in Run Sweetheart Run, the Blumhouse Productions film premiering on Amazon Prime Video on October 28. 

There are no spoilers ahead—we wouldn’t dream of ruining the viewing experience—but it’s safe to share that Balinska spends much of the film looking, well, unkempt to say the least. Granted, she also spends the majority of the film, which takes place over one rainy evening, running for her life, so what did you really expect?

Despite all of the blood, sweat, and tears, plus the runniest mascara you’ve ever seen, Balinska truly shines on-screen. It’s hard to believe that Run Sweetheart Run was filmed in 2019 and originally debuted at Sundance in 2020 before COVID-19 changed the world as we know it. So much has changed over these three years, including Balinska herself.



A baker’s dozen – when you order twelve but are given one extra to ensure you don’t get shorted. With Ella Balinska – actress, athlete, and muse of former cakeshop Ella’s Bakehouse – you always get more than you asked for; there are no shortcomings here.

Recently starring in Charlie’s Angels and Resident Evil, Ella knows how to put on a show. An actress born in London and now a budding DJ, she is accustomed to keeping fans tuned in. Whether with big budget stunts or attention to small on-screen details, Ella knows how to navigate the psyche of her audience. In her latest film, Ella’s character Cherie takes us through an overnight war against evil where she is literally in the battle of her life. Filmed on the streets of Los Angeles, known for its Bloods street gang, fire red is the color of the day and an overlay between the lyrics of L.A. rapper The Game and the rose-tinged motif of Balinska’s new movie Run Sweetheart Run.


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admin November 13th, 2022
The Laterals

Ella Balinska on transformation, and the importance of sharing untold narratives

Ella Balinska was the perfect addition to the third generation of Angels — her breakout role you might know her from. The British actress of the most distinguished sense, graduated from the Guildford School of Acting and immersed herself effortlessly into Hollywood. For clarification, she has never been interested in playing its ingenue. Balinska is an exhilarating mix of beauty, mystery, and novel fearlessness. Her triumphant female-powered moments in television and cinema are rare — and completely owned. Her capacity as an actor champions the messy, complicated, and profoundly compelling character — and we know she can deliver important narratives to any screen.

Balinska’s accolades include Junction 9, The Athena, and the Resident Evil series — but her vitae will be expanding with her forthcoming Run Sweetheart Run. Not only is she delivering important narratives to the screen but also to social awareness in her own approach. As with all of us, she’s experienced an awakening since the days of the pandemic to experience an inner transformation. “I still feel like Ella Ballinska, but I feel like a more anchored version.” Like many of us, she believes we cannot tell diverse, universal stories that connect us without women and people of color. A mix of “British, Polish, and Caribbean,” her perspective is fascinating. As a Cartier Ambassador, she brings the classic maison a fresh outlook that’s peerless.

A notably interesting detail is that Balinska attended the Academy of Performance Combat — acquiring training in 12 weapons, including gladius, knife, sword, axel shield, and fists. Perhaps that’s why she kicks so much ass.

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admin November 13th, 2022
Schön! Magazine

Charlie’s Angels and Resident Evil star Ella Balinska is fighting a different battle in thriller Run Sweetheart Run. The actress, who struts in AGL in her Schön! 43 digital cover, hasn’t slowed down since filming her role as Jane Kano in the reboot of Charlie’s Angels, appearing across our screens in Netflix’s Resident Evil. Now she’s diving into horror in a lead role in the thriller Run Sweetheart Run. “This is probably one of the films I’ve done the most auditions for,” Balinska reveals. “They really wanted to see if I was able to stretch emotionally.”

It’s a role that zeroes in on what it means to be a woman struggling with her menstrual cycle in addition to trying to survive. “I think it’s quite refreshing. People might feel uncomfortable at first, but naturally, as a female, you are having periods. It’s just life. It’s just the truth,” Balinska points out. Filming pushed Balinska to a new level — shooting in an abandoned jail in L.A. in a very tight space with limited outdoor access, giving the performance a new definition of the word “raw.”

On the horizon, Balinska is ready to reach new heights as she works as both a producer and actor in the survival drama The Occupant, in addition to portraying the first female lead of colour to play a motion-captured character in the video game Forspoken for PlayStation 5. “I’m excited to show my range,” she explains. “I think there’s some sort of fear of stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something that other people might not think is right.”

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admin November 13th, 2022
Ella Balinska Leaving Drake’s Party In Miami Beach

I added new candids to the gallery. Click on the gallery link below to see all new photos.

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admin November 9th, 2022
Run Sweetheart Run screencaps

I added screencaps to the gallery of Ella in “Run Sweetheart Run”. Click on the gallery link below to see all caps.

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admin November 6th, 2022
CHANEL Cruise 2022-23 Collection In Miami

Ella attended the CHANEL Cruise 2022-23 Collection In Miami two day ago. Click on the gallery links to see all new photos.

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